Rich. Creamy. Yougurty.
For over 30 Years

Rich. Creamy. Yogourty. For over 30 years, Astro® yogourt products are made to taste exceptional with uncompromising quality. Made in Canada, Astro® provides a wide variety of great tasting authentic yogourt to suit every individual’s needs

Astro® Original: As the leader in the All-Natural yogourt segment, Astro® Original’s signature Balkan Set Style yogourt can be eaten plain or is frequently used in cooking or baking. Original is also known for its Fruit on the Bottom yogourt!

Astro® Athentikos: a deliciously thick and creamy Greek yogourt inspired by the traditional way Greek yogourt is made.

Astro® Zer0%®: a low calorie fat-free offering for those maintaining a healthy body weight.

Astro® BioBest®: a probiotic offering with an additional health benefit.

Astro® Smooth ‘n Fruity®: smooth and creamy yogourt stirred with real fruit pieces.