Health & Fitness

Physical activity is just as important to your overall health as proper nutrition. Being more active can help you feel better, give you more energy, and help reduce your risk of heart disease. But for most people, working out at the gym for 2 hours per day, 6 days a week isn’t a viable option. The good news is, there are plenty of ways you can add more physical activity to your current lifestyle. 30 – 60 minutes of moderate physical activity each day, will go a long way in improving your overall health and the way you feel.

Try incorporating one or more of these ideas into your schedule each day.
  • Bring running shoes to work and go for a walk at lunch time. If you’d like some company, invite your co-workers to join you for some fresh air and exercise.
  • Walk to get the mail or a newspaper. If you live in an apartment, take the stairs instead of an elevator.
  • Plant a vegetable or herb garden. Gardening is great exercise, plus you will have the added pleasure of growing and eating your own fresh and flavourful vegetables.
  • Walk the dog at least once a day. He needs the exercise too, and it’s a chance to relax and enjoy some fresh air.
  • Find time for being more active by combining physical activity with family time all year round. In the warmer months, picnic, hike, bike and swim with the kids. In the winter, skate, ski, toboggan, have a snowball fight, or build a snowman together.
  • You are probably more on track than you think. Remember that your daily chores such as taking out the garbage, grocery shopping, and cleaning house, can actually improve your overall fitness and give you some of the health benefits of regular exercise.

Remember to participate in activities you enjoy so that being more active is not just one more thing on your “To Do List”.

If you’re feeling more ambitious, take up a new sport that you’ve always wanted to try, or get re-acquainted with a sport that you loved as a kid. The best way to make sure you stick to an exercise program is to make sure you’re having fun!