Beatrice® has provided Canadian families with the wholesome benefits and great taste of fresh dairy from a trusted source for over 40 years.

Made with milk from Canadian dairy farms, Beatrice provides a variety of products which are  healthy, nutritious and delicious:

  • Beatrice Milk is an excellent source of Calcium and 15 other nutrients in every glass.
  • Beatrice offers a range of specialty beverages such as Chocolate Milk which is great tasting and nutritious for active families and kids.
  • Beatrice Egg Nog is a favourite for the Holiday season and now available in a Candy Cane flavor for those special holiday celebrations.
  • Beatrice Buttermilk is perfect for cooking and  recipes or just to drink.
  • Beatrice Juices and Drinks are a great way to enjoy a refreshing drink anytime.

Beatrice is committed to the well-being of its consumers and helps them to make healthy choices. At Beatrice, we know that milk is as important to your family, as it is to ours.